The Grand Theatre

The Teatro Grande in Pompeii has been built in the Samnite era, but it was completely rebuilt in the II century BC, during the Augustian age, as testified by an ancient iscription, still conserved. As gathered from the name, the theatre was huge and it could accomodate up to 5000 people. Its main pecularity is the excellent acoustics.

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The Forum

The Forum of Pompeii was built around the fourth century BC, during the Samnite era: it was a small open area around which shops were placed.
After the conquest of Pompeii by the Romans, the Forum was completely rebuilt and enlarged: around the perimeter of the square the main political and religious buildings were erected.

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House of the Faun

The House of the Faun is a rich Roman house, which dates back to the second century B.C.
It was buried during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD and rediscovered during the archaeological excavations of the ancient Pompeii.
This is one of the largest houses in the city with an extension of nearly 3000 square meters. It occupies...

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Garden of the fugitives

One of the most dramatic evidences of what happened on that tragic day in 79 AD, with the casts of the bodies of the victims of the eruption.
During the excavations in this area (1961-62 and 1973-74) the bodies of 13 victims were found, as they were attempting to save themselves heading towards Porta Nocera. It is now possible to see...

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The Amphitheatre

This is an ancient Roman amphitheater and is one of the oldest and best preserved of this kind.
It was built around 70 BC and was used for circus games and fights between gladiators, as also confirmed by numerous graffiti that advertised such events.
It’s “cavea” where the seats were placed, was divided into three...

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Lupanare, the brothel

An interesting aspect of the 'private' life of the ancient Romans.
The brothels (from Latin Lupa, she-wolf, ie prostitute), were the Roman places dedicated to mercenary sexual pleasure.
In the excavations of Pompeii traces of two keepers of brothels have been found: African and Victor who, before the destruction of the city, ran a...

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domenico maresca, 3 February

Olimme vaimoni kanssa todella tyytyväisiä opastettuun kierrokseen Pompeiissa. Oppaamme oli Nancy niminen italialainen nainen ja hän oli mahtava...

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